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contained herein were written by Fr. Jack Dorsel for his
Publications Plus home subscription service in Pinehurst,
North Carolina during the years 1986 through 2001.

They were written in accordance to the scriptural
schedule found in the Catholic Ordo for the Diocese of
Raleigh. Those wishing to do so may download them in
whole or in part for their preaching preparations at no
cost. The homilies are free for the taking.

And though these homilies may not be resold for
financial gain, they may be copied and distributed
at will to individuals and groups. In other words:
permission is hereby granted to plagiarize to your heart’s
content. And may your voice be heard not
only to the ends of the earth but throughout the
halls of heaven.

Rev. John F. Dorsel attended St. Mary’s College in
Kentucky from 1954 to 1957, followed by the American
College of Louvain, Belgium, where he was ordained in
1961, retiring in the year 2001

God Bless you! But then, hasn’t he already done that
so many times in more ways than we can count!

If you cannot ignore the misspellings and
grammatical errors made by Fr. Jack here and there in
his homilies, he asks you to be so kind as not to
bring them to the attention of his grade school nuns.